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Title: BoRSS1 - Chapter 7
Author: [livejournal.com profile] virgo186
Beta: Continue sending Lan your love through the internets~
Rating: Still PG-13, I guess. Eh. Blame the dub?
Genre: Magical girl spitefic crossover shenanigans.
Notes/Warnings: Still don't own anyone here.
Summary: The first of the Rainbow Crystals has surfaced! Who will get this one, and do they deserve it or not?

For looking like a huge robot straight out of an evil sci-fi movie, the monster could move pretty fast. Lydia had to quickly move out of the way, dodging the attack. "I doubt hitting him in the face with the wand will help," she yelled in Lucky's direction. "What does this little thing do, anyway?"

"Use the words!" Lucky yelled back, dodging as well. "Like the transformation!"

That only worked when she had concentration, though, which she certainly didn't have at the moment. Some help he was! Lydia tried waving her wand. "Go away!" she urged. "Go on, away with yeh! I order--"

The monster took another swipe at her with what looked like a large metal hammer. "I allow no cheaters in my game," it said. "I will defeat you."

The gamer boy? Lydia could swear she vaguely recognized the voice. Is that what happens to the crystal bearers? What awful luck they have. "I'll defeat the game and save the day," she stated, holding up her wand again and trying to focus. I need the words to operate this thing. C'mon, words, come to me!

Just as another attack was aimed at her, Lydia let out a scream and braced herself. Why did I ever agree to this job...?

It never came. Lydia opened her eyes to find the robot-monster, the gamer that was, being held in the air by the tall schoolgirl she had spent time with earlier. How did she...?


Out of pure instinct, Lita had acted quickly. She hated to see people getting hurt, and the girl in the rainbow colors seemed like she was in trouble. How could she stand by and do nothing? Somehow, she not only felt more determined, but...stronger now. Was it an adrenaline rush? No, this felt different. She felt warm.

With as much force as she could manage, Lita threw the monster away from the girl. "Not today," she said. "Want a fight? Pick on someone else!"

Luna, who had caught up to the site by now, noticed what Lita could not--the odd symbol on the tall girl's forehead, pulsing with green light. "Another one," she said softly. Oh, where's Serena? She has to hurry!


"Now's your chance, Sailor Rainbow," Lucky urged. "Use the wand and say the words! She's given an opening!"

"Oh, fine then," Lydia said, attempting to focus again while the monster was recovering. Use the words...use the words...

After a minute or so, the robot-monster was upright again, moving back towards them. "Cheaters will be deleted," it said. "My game has rules that players must follow."

"Your game is just no fun," a voice called from somewhere close. "The only one who's cheating here is you!"

"Sailor Moon, finally," Luna sighed in relief, recognizing her charge instantly. She darted over to report her news. "We have another for our side."

"We do?" Sailor Moon sounded puzzled, looking around. "Which one?"

Luna simply pointed at Lita, the symbol still glowing brightly on her forehead. "Can you handle the enemy while I awaken her?"

"What about the other one?" Sailor Moon pointed at the braided girl. "Who's she?"

"We'll find out later, but for now, you must handle this creature," Luna insisted, darting back towards Lita. By this time, the girl's symbol had vanished, and she looked almost lost. Knowing that she had to work quickly, Luna spoke up. "Lita, listen to me, this is important."

"You talk?" Lita asked, gazing down at the cat. "No way. I must be hearing things."

Like she had before, Luna simply hopped into a perfect backflip, producing a green pen with a gold cap. "This is for you," she explained. "Lita, listen closely. You are a protector, like Sailor Moon, and she needs your help. Use this and join her. Hold it up and say "Jupiter Power"! You'll know what to do from there."


From her vantage point, Tori could watch everything clearly. Mako-chan's here, she thought. Is this where she first used her powers?

"Are you waiting for something?" Keine asked softly, still sitting beside her.

"I guess I'm not sure what I can do," Tori replied. "The others showed up, so things should go better. Will they need me at all?"

"Well, if this is where Mako-chan first awakened, do we want the rival to notice and realize who she is?" Keine asked. "Do we want the rival to know all the secrets and possibly be able to use them against the girls?"

"...she can see everything right now, can't she?" Tori couldn't argue with that logic at all. If whoever this Rainbow person was could watch Jupiter's transformation, she could probably put two and two together. She could hunt the girls down. "I can't let her do it. I won't let her do it."

"Then spread your wings again," Keine urged. "Fly once more, Sailor Phoenix!"

(Aaaaand time for a break. Enjoy the commercials and we'll be back!)
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