Mar. 24th, 2016

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Title: BoRSS1 - Chapter 7
Author: [ profile] virgo186
Beta: Continue sending Lan your love through the internets~
Rating: Still PG-13, I guess. Eh. Blame the dub?
Genre: Magical girl spitefic crossover shenanigans.
Notes/Warnings: Still don't own anyone here.
Summary: The first of the Rainbow Crystals has surfaced! Who will get this one, and do they deserve it or not?

Chapter 7 - Confrontation! Ruby Light Show )

(Aaaaand time for a break. Enjoy the commercials and we'll be back!)
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Title: BoRSS1 - Chapter 8
Author: [ profile] virgo186
Beta: See previous entries :)
Rating: Hasn't changed yet, still PG-13. Blame dub.
Genre: Magical girl crossover spitefic shenanigans~
Notes/Warnings: Still don't own anyone. At all.
Summary: Nothing says fun plans like a sailor huddle at the shrine. Say, Luna, what's the deal with these crystals anyway...?

Chapter 8 - Shining Secrets )

(Short chapter, but still, stay tuned for the second part.)
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(And we're back, here's the rest of this short chapter.)

Chapter 8, Part 2 )
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Title: BoRSS1 - Chapter 9
Author: [ profile] virgo186
Beta: Yup, still the same.
Rating: Same rating, too.
Genre: This hasn't changed either!
Notes/Warnings: Ditto this, still own nobody here.
Summary: Good friends and new (possible) friends unite in an attempt to cheer up a heartbroken classmate, but as usual, things may not go as they planned...

Chapter 9 - Memories of Crystal Spirits )

(Time for a break. Stay tuned, we'll be right back!)
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(We're back, so let's get back to this thing.)

Chapter 9, Part 2 )


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