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Name:Fading Days, Fading Dreams
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Welcome to Fadingdaydream! We wish for a mellow community, so here are the rules:

-Please respect everyone.

-All comments left to stories, challenges, art, etc. should be helpful. That means no unnecessary spamming, flaming, or bashing. Critique, as long as it is constructive, is encouraged. Concrit without stupidity, please!

-There are no limits or restrictions on anything written or drawn, however, genres (fantasy, horror, sci-fi), ratings (G, PG, R), disclaimers (all stories and art must have one, this is fanfic after all), and warnings should be clearly labeled before the story or art is posted.

-Please put all stories and large challenges behind an lj-cut, this will save space in watchers' flists and on the community main page.

-Any art may be represented by an image up to 300x300 px. Anything larger then that needs to be behind a cut.

-Harassment of any kind is not tolerated. You will only receive one warning before you are kicked out of the community.

-Plagiarism is illegal and not tolerated here.

Rules are subject to change at any time. Members get two strikes before ejection.

Above all, I (your mod) will be watching the community closely. Anyone with issues or problems can contact me through the e-mail address listed above.

That said...what are you all waiting for~? Good luck to writing!

Current Events: Your humble mod is providing her own material to keep this place running...sort of like a personal "fic dumping ground" to start off. Feel free to come post your own, however, and make sure to follow the rules! Come play~

Welcome to the shiny new DreamWidth mirror! Same goodness in a slightly different form. Nice and readable as always~

~Headmod Virgo
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