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(We're back with more. Hooray for progress!)

"He ran like he was on fire," Lita ranted, trying to go as fast as she could. "I can't believe she snuck in like that! When I find her, I'm gonna rearrange her face."

Serena, still trying to keep up, focused on listening. They had been slowed down by the attack inside, making their way out of a pile of damaged furniture, and desperately wanted to catch up to Joe. That lady would stop at nothing to get to him. Of course, to do anything, Serena realized she would have to break away from Lita. She couldn't give away her secret! She had to find a place to hide and transform, without Lita getting suspicious.

Surprisingly, that would be easy to do. Serena slowed down, panting heavily and leaning against a building. Lita noticed, stopped, and came back to check on her.

"Are you okay?"

"I hate running," Serena puffed. "I just need to catch up with myself. I'll be fine."

"I'll go on ahead," Lita answered. "I'm determined to save Joe."

"Just be careful!" Serena called to her. "We don't know what that lady can do!"

Lita waved a hand, and took off running again. After a quick nod from Serena, Luna ran after her.


Lydia arrived first, watching the villain corner her target. This is it, she thought, touching her locket. My time to shine. I want that crystal!

Hoping that her transformation wouldn't give her away, Lydia whispered the words her guardian cat had taught her. The magic words that would awaken her other form. She closed her eyes and focused, feeling strange energy run through her body, and mentally counted to ten before opening her eyes again. Looking in the window of a building nearby, Lydia could see that her outfit had completely changed. The spell had worked!

This is...this is me? Lydia carefully touched the window, stared at her reflection. Her 'lucky' uniform had been replaced with a colorful sailor costume, her braids pulled up into bouncy pigtails tied with ribbons. Oh, I never wear my hair this tight, I can feel a headache coming on already. Will this uniform be even more lucky with extra colors?

Of course, her moment of admiring her new look was interrupted by the sound of painful cries coming from the victim she was supposed to be keeping an eye on. "Oh, right, back to business," Lydia mumbled, turning back to the scene she had been watching only moments before. Trying to look as brave and determined as possible, she emerged from her hiding place and faced the enemy, calling out the first thing that came to mind. "Stop right there!"

The enemy glanced over at her, annoyed. "You're too late, pest," she said, holding up the strange dark crystal she had used earlier. "I'll get what I came for this time!" The black crystal began to glow, sending a beam of darkness in the direction of her cowering victim. "Your crystal will be mine. Come to me, red crystal!"

I can't let her have that, Lydia thought. I have to stop her now...but how can I do that? I've never even used this form before!

When the red crystal finally emerged, shining brightly, it started to float in the direction of the enemy. A short distance from its goal, however, it was snatched from the air by a familiar animal, who trotted towards Lydia.

"Lucky!" Lydia yelled, accepting the slightly-damp crystal from her cat's mouth. "Nice save."

"You won't be so lucky for very long," the enemy called to her. "Give that to me!"

"Not on your life!" Lydia yelled back. "This thing is much too important to be in the hands of anyone who can't be trusted! Now off with yeh!"

Realizing that her former target was now without his crystal, transforming into a monster and soon to be out of control, the enemy decided to run. "Fine, then, you can have this one for now," she said. "But I'll be back for the others."

"And I'll be back to kick your arse," Lydia retorted, watching her closely.

The cat who had arrived, Lucky, suddenly alerted her. "Sailor Rainbow, we have a problem," he said. "Look over there."

"Sailor...Rainbow? Is that the name now?" Lydia asked. "I suppose it makes sense--"

"Look over there!" Lucky repeated, pointing. Lydia had forgotten about the monster! Such an easily distracted girl. How would she ever manage to do any good?

Lydia turned and stared at the monster, wondering where he had come from. Is this something that crazy lady did? "Well, now what do I do?"

"Use your wand, use the crystal, do something!" Lucky sounded frantic. "You have to stop him!"

"My wand? What wand?"

Lucky frowned--as much as a cat could frown, anyway--and simply stared at her. "The wand that goes with the locket," he stated. "Forgot already?"

"I never got a wand, and I'd remember if I did," Lydia answered. "So where's this wand I'm supposed to use?"

Lucky sighed, doing an awkward backflip and revealing a short wand topped with a green crystal shamrock. "This wand," he said. "Use this on the monster, and hurry up before he goes on a rampage through the city or something!"

"What do I do with it?"

"Do I look like an instruction manual or something?"

"I barely know any of this, so yes!" Lydia howled.

At that moment, the monster advanced, aiming an attack at them with a loud roar.
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