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Oh boy oh boy, the next chapter!

Title: BoRSS1 - Chapter 4
Author: [livejournal.com profile] virgo186
Beta: Lan is awesome for putting up with me, ehehe. ♥
Rating: PG-13 for nostalgic justice!
Genre: Still epic magical girl crossover spitefic. Well, maybe epic.
Notes/Warnings: Still don't own anyone, watch out for flying italics, and enjoy the commercial breaks. :)
Summary: The current soldiers discuss their newest arrival, and the next new student arrives...but is there more to things than what meets the eye?

After that first day, Serena had decided that she didn't mind her new ally. Tori didn't insult her, or treat her like an idiot, or push her around. Maybe the other girls would like the news, maybe it would convince them she could be trusted. Besides, even if she wasn't a 'true' scout, she still had a title, and that was important, right?

Today, Serena had been able to escape staying late, and that meant time to celebrate! She had plenty of other things to be doing besides warming a chair in detention for another afternoon, like holding a meeting with the others. They had to know how Tori's first day had gone, and discuss what to do from there. What better place to do so than their favorite food place, around the arcade? Food, games, and friends: a winning combination!

While she waited for the other two, Serena ordered herself a soda and chose a favorite booth. She couldn't wait to share her news with them.

Halfway through her soda, Amy and Raye entered, and Serena nearly fell out of her seat waving to them. "What took you guys so long?" she asked. "I've been here for almost an hour! I have so much to tell you about today!"

"Let me guess, you slept through your classes again," Raye said, ordering two more drinks and taking a seat. "That's not anything new."

"Well, okay, I slept a little bit, but Tori was nice enough to make an extra copy of her notes just for me!" Serena cheered, polishing off her soda. "She didn't even make fun of me or anything. Isn't that cool of her?"

"So she's a good student," Raye said. "And? Her guardian is a teacher, remember? Maybe she's had things drilled into her."

"I just don't think she's bad," Serena protested. "She acts too nice to be evil, and besides, she's one of us!"

"We need more proof, Serena," Amy spoke up. "Something besides her copying notes for you and not calling you names. Something that makes it obvious we can trust her. Do you have anything like that?"

Serena pouted at her friends. How could that not be enough? Did she have anything else? Hmm. "Well, I have one more thing," she began, leaning across the table and lowering her voice. "Tori said there's another scout joining us soon. Not this rival we're hearing about, but one of us. She wasn't talking about herself, either. Does that work as proof enough for you?"

Raye nearly choked on her soda, setting her glass down and taking a few deep breaths. "Another one of us?" she asked. "Are you serious?"

"That's what she told me," Serena answered with a firm nod. "She said our newest ally will show herself soon, and we'll be able to recognize her. Now do you trust her?"

"Are we sure she's not lying to us?" Amy asked, handing Raye a small stack of napkins. "We don't know if she's right."

"Until it happens," Serena insisted. "She said it'll happen soon, so we just have to wait. I'm more than ready to get a new ally!"

The other two exchanged a look, Raye carefully mopping up whatever soda she had spilled. "Okay, fine, so we take her word for it," she started. "What if she's wrong? Did she say how long we'd have to wait, or describe this new person?"

"Well, she doesn't know for sure, only that we should look for a girl with unusual hair," Serena said, trying to remember what Tori had said. "Someone who stands out. She didn't say how soon because she didn't know that much, but maybe it'll be really soon, like in a few days. That'd be nice, right?"

Amy took a quick look around the parlor. "Where exactly is your new classmate, anyway?" she asked, puzzled. "Did you invite her to the meeting?"

Serena shook her head. "Was I supposed to? I thought we were voting on her and didn't bother."

"Guess I'll tell her when I see her at home," Raye said. "So are we giving her a chance?"

"I think we should," Serena said. "She doesn't seem bad at all, and she's willing to help us. I think I can trust her."

After a moment, Amy nodded silently. Who could argue with Serena's logic in this case, with what evidence she had gathered?

"Then I'll let her know what we decided," Raye answered, finishing her drink and getting up to leave. "I'll see you guys later or something."


The rainbow lights weren't just attacking the shadows, but the bright figures as well. The wings of fire were trying to protect the bright figures...what side was the light on? What did this all mean?

Raye emerged from her fire reading feeling even more confused than last time. Trying to keep track of everything was giving her a headache, and she was sure that watching such bright lights didn't help one bit. If the visions were a sign, they needed a major translation.

However, this could be more proof that Kotori was trustworthy. If she was represented by those wings, then she was meant to help them, somehow. Maybe there was enough space for her to join them. More power against enemies? Another person to protect the people with? The odds seemed better.

Her mind made up, Raye walked down the hallway and stopped at Kotori's door, listening for a moment. The girl was inside, for sure, and every so often she would ask a question. Oddly enough, Raye couldn't hear an answer, but then Kotori would say something else. Was she talking to herself? Some people did. Maybe her cat was there and just not very loud. Anything was possible, right?

Knowing she couldn't stand out there and listen all night, Raye knocked on the door. "I have news for you," she said. "Can I come in?"

"One minute," Kotori's voice answered. "I'll unlock the door. Is it just you?"

That seemed like an odd question at first, until Raye remembered her grandfather. If they had to talk business, he had to be kept out of it. "It's just me," she said.

When the door opened, the girl who stood before her didn't look like the one from that morning, from the day before, or the day they had met. The braids were gone, long hair unbound and reaching the floor. The uniform was missing, and in its place was a discolored shirt and baggy red pants. This didn't look like Kotori.

"Come on in, and I'll explain," the girl said. "I figured I'd have to show you soon enough."

(Eyecatch, commercial break! Go grab some fresh snacks and stay tuned~)


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