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(Eh, short chapter, but still worth two parts. Return eyecatch, make up! Let's go~)

Several minutes of awkward silence followed, the girls trying to decide if they were willing to trust what they had heard. A new ally with a non-planetary name, who claimed to be someone from another dimension, given scout powers from someone so she could help their other selves in another timeline?

"So what about this new problem, anyway?" Amy asked, providing a new topic. "Can you tell us anything about that?"

"She claims to be an ally as well, but be wary of her." Kotori didn't mind the topic change, hoping the others wouldn't insist on her revealing more of herself. "You have something you're searching for, right? She'll try and get to it before you, pretending that she's helping you reach your goal."

"How do we know you won't do the same?" Luna asked. "Are we sure we can trust you fully?"

Kotori frowned. "I don't expect you to trust me fully, since I know I'm suspicious," she said. "I just want to help this timeline, as I was sent to do. This new rival may try anything to reach her goal, maybe even lethal force. As soldiers, you are the ones with the powers to protect this world, right? Well, even the protectors can use some protecting sometimes, and that's what I'm here for."

"Any idea what she looks like, Tori?" Serena asked next, reaching for a bag of chips. "To make it at least a little bit easier?"

"You'll see her soon enough," Kotori replied. "Oh, another thing. Usa--" she paused, rethinking her words, before trying again. "Serena, are there open spots in your class?"

Serena pried open the bag, glancing up for a moment. "I think so," she said. "A lot of people probably want to escape my class. Why?"

"She'll be at your school soon enough, and I plan on being there. I need to enroll in your school."

The bag was dropped on the floor as Serena jumped up. "Huh?" she cried. "You want to go to school? To my class? Why?"

"Usa--Serena, I know she's going to find you first," Kotori explained. "If I'm in your class, I can warn you when she shows up. Can you get me in?"

"Oooooooo," Serena whined, plopping back down on the floor and reaching for the discarded bag. "How good are your grades? Can I copy off you?"

Kotori glanced at her kitty partner, and Keine glared at her. "I don't think that'd be a good idea," she said. "My partner here was a teacher back home. She doesn't like cheaters."

Another whine. "So there's really no escape from teachers and school now," Serena said. "Why does everything have to get worse?"

"Oh, and another thing," Keine added, stretching a bit. "This new rival's powers may even be more than the three of you combined. When she sets her mind to something, she does it, and I'm sure she wouldn't even mind mowing you all down to get what she wants. She refuses to take 'no' for an answer, and I don't know if her powers have any limits."

"Oh, great, that just makes everything that much better," Raye commented bitterly, leaning back and swiping the chips from Serena. "Like we didn't have enough to worry about."

Amy glanced at her friends, then back at Kotori. "You're wearing the uniform," she said. "You mean you don't go to our school already?"

"I enrolled in the other timeline to do something similar," Kotori said. "It's actually rather good for a disguise, since nobody looks twice at a schoolgirl. That, and I've learned a lot about the outside world--your world. Is it possible for me to get in as soon as possible? I'm not sure how soon she'll show up, and I want to be ready."

"You'll have papers to sign," Amy stated. "What about your parents?"

Kotori glanced at Keine again. "Hopefully they're not required," she said. "I'm on my own, except for my partner here, and she can't sign paperwork."

"In either form," Keine muttered, ears flat against her head. "I'm sure they wouldn't accept pawprints, either."

"Speaking of school, we should get home and get sleep," Luna piped up. "You girls have to keep yourselves in good shape."

"I'll see about getting the paperwork for you tomorrow," Amy said, dusting herself off. "Where can we find you?"

"In the other timeline, I was staying here at the shrine," Kotori explained. "I don't have a place of my own here, and nobody else I can stay with."

Serena and Amy stared at Raye, wondering her opinion on the subject. After all, they could hardly force her to take on a houseguest...or force her into anything, really. It would be up to her, as it was her house.

"If you stay here, are you willing to help out with chores?" Raye asked, hands on hips. "I want to make sure I can trust you, and it'd be a big help to Grandpa and me if you did work."

"That's how I earned my keep in the other timeline," Kotori nodded. "I'd be surprised if you didn't put me to work, really. Thank you, all of you."

As the group started to file out of the room, Keine waved a paw in Luna's direction, beckoning her to come over for a quick message. The two cats sat almost nose to nose, and the unmarked one leaned in close.

"Sailor Pluto sent us," Keine said softly. "We came through the gates on orders from the Queen herself. Please, Luna, give us a try. We won't let you down."

Sailor Pluto! Luna couldn't believe what she was hearing. Wasn't the gatekeeper of time a rumor? Could she be a real person?

"We will trust you if you give us reasons to be trusted," Luna said. "I will be watching you."

"We expect you to be watching us," Keine replied. "Stay well, fellow guardian."

(Apologies for the italics all over the place, as usual...)


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