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Title: BoRSS1 - Chapter 2
Author: [livejournal.com profile] virgo186
Beta: Still Lan, still being awesome~
Rating: Eh, PG-13. Whatever works.
Genre: Epic magical girl crossover spitefic, hooray~
Notes/Warnings: Nope, still don't own anyone involved.
Summary: Sailors Moon, Mercury, and Mars have a meeting with their new soldier, and learn some very interesting things about what may come next...

Time seemed to pass slowly as Raye waited for the others to arrive. Kotori had added nothing else, still insisting on waiting until everyone was assembled. What she had said, however, was still hard to believe. Would the extended version be any better?

Just when she thought she'd end up pacing the room, there was Grandpa's voice from the hallway. "Raye, your friends are here. Are you having a party again? They brought snacks. Do we have cat treats? Maybe I should buy some."

"Be right back," Raye answered quickly, ducking out of the room and running for the front door. "I'll take it from here, Grandpa, we're...working on a project. Can we get privacy?"

The old man smiled at her, following along. "You have such nice friends," he said. "So cute, too."

Raye rolled her eyes, opening the door. "About time you guys showed up!" she nearly yelled. "Come on in, he was just going back outside."

"Good luck on your project!" Grandpa called, leaving for the grounds again.

The girls watched him go, Serena handing over the plastic bags she was carrying. "Is he going crazy again yet?" she asked.

Bags in hand, Raye pulled her friends towards the tearoom, pausing outside the door for a moment. "This girl I told you about on the phone knows who we are," she said. "Our names, our identities, everything. I don't have a clue who she is, or if she's even telling the truth, but she knows somehow. She said there's new problems."

"Oh, that's all we need, new problems," Serena whined. "Why couldn't we get good news instead?"

"How long has she been here?" Amy asked.

"I called you both a few minutes after she showed up," Raye said. "Are you guys ready? She's in there now."


As the girls walked in, their guest looked up from the cat still sitting in her lap. "Welcome back again," she said. "Is this everyone?"

"This is all of us," Raye answered. "Guys, this is the one I was telling you about. Kotori, meet my friends, Serena and Amy--"

"--and the cat is Luna," Kotori's own cat spoke up. "Guardian of the moon kingdom."

There was a moment of silence as the group realized what had just happened. Even the cat knew who they were, another talking cat they had never met, connected to this strange girl who knew them. Just what was going on here?

Serena, catching on, was first to react. "Hey, she has a talking cat, too! Luna, do you have a sister you didn't tell me about?"

Luna sighed, shaking her head and deciding to watch this new cat closely. Certainly, she looked like any other cat in the city, white fur and a long fluffy tail. However, one thing was quite obviously missing. She has no marking. Is she truly another guardian?

In the meantime, the others had gotten settled and Kotori was urged to tell the full version of her story from earlier. "You said you know us from another timeline," Amy was saying. "What sort of timeline do you mean?"

"I can only explain so much," Kotori replied. "What I can tell you is that...well...I know you, all of you, I was sent here to help you with a serious problem that's about to happen, and if you have questions, I can try and answer them. Just know that there are some things I can't say, or they'll completely damage this timeline."

Raye gestured to the little red and silver wand still on the table. "If you're one of us, then who are you?" she asked.

"Well, that's where things get weird," Kotori explained. "I'm...actually not really one of your regulars, I guess. I'm actually from another dimension, and I was sent here to help out. Since I couldn't use my regular powers here, I was given my own soldier form so I could join in. I know, it sounds ridiculous, probably even more than the rest of this I've told you, but that's the truth. In fact, my cat? Well, she's from the same dimension as me. She's been my best friend for a long time."

The unmarked guardian fluffed her tail and introduced herself. "My name is Keine," she said. "It's nice to meet you all. What she's saying about the other dimension is true. Our home is in its own little world, and we came here to help others." She looked up at her partner. "Should we tell them who you really are? Kotori?"

"You mean that's not your real name, Tori?" Serena asked.

Tori? Kotori shifted in her seat, having sensed this coming. "The name was something I chose when I decided to hide as a civilian, after I met all of you," she continued. "Since I figured being myself in this world would be really awkward, I came up with a disguise and a name to match."

"You couldn't help but still be a bird, though," Keine smiled, gently patting her hand with one paw. "The elegant red bird of immortal fire, and my dear friend."

"So who are you?" Raye repeated.

Kotori, with a sigh, picked up the little wand. "My name is Mokou," she said. "In your world, I have the powers to become Sailor Phoenix."

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