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Grandpa had launched into one of his wild stories again, pausing mid-sentence when he noticed Raye walk in. "Oh, there she is now," he said. "Sorry about talking your ear off. You girls enjoy yourselves, I'll be outside if you need me, but first, I think I'll check the kitchen. I think I burned something, it smells a bit like smoke in here..."

Raye sniffed the air curiously. "If you did, it's nothing too bad," she said. "Go get some fresh air outside, Grandpa. I think we could use some time alone in here."

Grandpa smiled at both girls. "Play nice," he said, leaving the room and closing the door behind him.

The girl seated in the room spoke up at this moment. "I think he's probably smelling my smoke," she offered. "It's nice to meet you, Soldier of Mars."

Raye quickly backed against the door. "How do you--?"

"It's a long story," the girl sighed. "I came looking for you since I knew you would understand, though."

The shrine maiden of fire took a very close look at her guest. She had long lavender braids with odd ribbons, round glasses, and a blue and white school uniform. She looked ordinary...or as ordinary as things could get, anyway. However, Raye had never met her before. Had this girl seen her transform somewhere?

"I suppose I should start with this," the girl commented, reaching into the schoolbag she carried and drawing out a small object. "Does this work?"

The object she set on the low table in front of her raised even more questions. A small wand, silver in color, with a red stone topped with a small silver star. Not exactly like Raye's own, but so very close in detail. An ally?

I think he's probably smelling my smoke. Another fire-user? Raye's mind brought up her visions again, wings of fire in battle with a multi-colored light. "You...you're one of us?" Granted, it sounded so basic, but right now, she couldn't think of anything else to say.

The girl nodded. "I should probably explain everything to the full group, if you can bring them here. It involves all of you."

"I'll go call them now," Raye said. "Wait here and I'll be right back."


Alone in the tearoom, Mokou shifted awkwardly in her seat. The meeting had gone better than she'd thought, but she still knew her story probably sounded ridiculous. "I sound like a stalker or something," she sighed. "Really, I do. 'Hello, you don't have any clue who I am, but I know your deepest secret, surprise!' I don't even know if the wand convinced her."

"Look at it this way," Keine said, curling up in her friend's lap. "She didn't transform and try to fry you, right? She didn't throw anything at you, or scream and order you out?"

"How do we know she's not out there calling the police?" Mokou asked. "Maybe she thinks I really am a crazy person."

"I guess we'll see when she comes back," Keine replied. "In the meantime, we'll wait."


"...so yeah, call it an emergency meeting, and yes, I have food ready, but you guys need to get here as soon as possible." Raye was wrapping up her final call. "I'll be waiting for you guys inside, just hurry up!"

Ignoring any protests, she hung up the phone and returned to the tearoom. Her guest was still seated, absently petting the cat in her lap. Had the cat been there the entire time, and Raye had just missed it? Grandpa had mentioned the cat earlier, maybe it was hiding until now.

"Welcome back," the girl said. "Are the others on their way?"

"They even offered to bring extra snacks," Raye answered. "I never got your name, and I'm sure I never told you mine. How do you know me?"

Awkward shifting followed, and after a minute, the girl came up with an answer. "Call me Kotori," she said. "As for how I know you, well...that really should wait until the others arrive, since it has to do with all of you. It really is a long story, but I guess the short version is that I know you from another timeline, and I'm here because you all are about to encounter a new rival who's determined to wreck every strategy you all come up with for her own personal gain."

Wings of fire in battle with a multi-colored light. One of them has to be this rival.


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