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This one is a bit long, so I think the chapters will start getting split into two posts from here. Fun times!

Title: BoRSS1 Chapter 1
Author: [livejournal.com profile] virgo186
Beta: Continue sending Lan your love~
Rating: PG-13 still? Or...what did they change it to, whatever that is.
Genre: Epic spitefic, oh yes. Crossover-style.
Notes/Warnings: Still don't own anyone here, sailor soldier or spellcard-using resident of crazy border world. Or the sue. Or whoever she brought.
Summary: Serenity's special agents arrive in the city, though things are rather...different. The mission begins!

As it turned out, the warning about landings had been incredibly important. The pair hadn't landed on anyone, thank goodness, but they did end up tangled in a clump of bushes. After several minutes, Mokou was able to release herself, pulling her guardian free and shaking twigs out of her hair.

"What was that about being durable?" the cat asked, teasing.

"Yeah, yeah." Mokou shook her head again. "Make sure nobody hears you talking in cat form, Keine, remember? Secret identity and all that?"

"Nobody's here but us," Keine said, twitching her fluffy tail and looking around. Something about this area seemed very familiar, even for a world that wasn't her own. "Have we been here before? This section of the city?"

After a minute or so of looking around, Mokou realized where they were. "The park," she said. "The park we first showed up in, way back then. This is...this is it, isn't it?" Memories replayed in her mind, of people staring at her, her running for safety in a tree, and when she first met--

"Rei-chan," Keine said. "We should find her first, and tell her what's going on. She would be able to call the others, and we could explain from there. The shrine is safe enough."

Mokou sighed. "Let's go, I guess."

Small kitty-claws grabbed her pant-leg as she tried to leave. "Disguise time?" Keine asked. "After all, it'll be easier to travel if you're in costume."

Then I won't get stared at like I did back then, Mokou thought, glancing around for the nearest tree. If she was going to change, she was going to get some privacy. Secret identities were meant to stay secret, right?

"Don't worry, I'll guard you," Keine said, watching her friend swing up into a tree. "Just be quick, we have to get going."

"I know." Mokou climbed upwards and vanished into the branches, rustling leaves as she went. She took a seat on a sturdy limb and pulled her deck of cards from her pocket, shuffling through them for the one created for just this purpose. Near the end, there it was: the quick-change card for her 'civilian' identity. "The little bird that hides in the crowd," she whispered. "I become Kotori once more."

Down below, Keine paced near the tree. The process never took this long, not with the card. What was the hold-up? "Are you stuck?" she called.

"People are going to hear you," Mokou called down. "I'll be right there, I had to find the card first."

The girl who emerged from the tree barely resembled the one who had climbed up before. In place of the discolored shirt and baggy red pants, she wore a blue and white school uniform. Her hair was now tied into two long braids down her back, though the paper charm ribbons remained.

"Kotori returns to active duty," Mokou said, trying to smile. "I don't think I'll ever get used to this outfit, but if it works, I guess I can deal."

"Nobody looks twice at a schoolgirl," Keine replied with a nod, echoing a line from some time ago. "Let's go."


The city didn't seem very different at first, but there were small changes that seemed to pop up. Anything with writing had been edited, the names scratched out and replaced. This had turned up on the first sign the pair had found, trying to figure out how to get to the shrine.

"Cherry Hill?" Mokou read aloud. "Did someone else move in?"

"I'm not sure," Keine answered, keeping her voice low. "Is it in the same direction? Maybe we should go there first."

"And if that's not the place, then what?"

"We ask for directions to the right one, obviously."

With no reply to that, Mokou walked on and followed directions. A few other schoolgirls passed by, giggling to each other over some joke, or boys, or something. Was it a good thing to be a civilian, to have no powers and rely on others to save you?

At least they have protectors, she thought. I guess I can consider myself one of those protectors, while I'm here.

However, there was one question that her mind insisted on asking. "Hey, Keine? What if we meet her, meet the others, and they don't believe us? Then what do we do?"

"Hmm." A thoughtful pause followed. "You still have the wand they gave you, right? Maybe if you present them with that. It's worth a try, right?"

Of course, the wand. The transformation wand, similar to the pens the girls used, created just for her. Why had she not remembered it sooner? That could be proof enough if words alone didn't work. "We don't have proof for the enemy, though," Mokou added. "Hopefully they're willing to listen."

"We have to get there first," Keine said. "Are those the stairs up ahead?"

Sure enough, the staircase leading up to the shrine had remained the same in this timeline. With a sigh, Mokou started walking, all the way to the top, hoping that the familiar shrine would still be there.

Luckily enough, it was. Still standing, the gardens well-kept, and incredibly peaceful. For a moment, Mokou was reminded of her initial comment when Rei had brought her home.

Never thought I'd be so happy to see a shrine.

"Mokou," Keine whispered. "Are we going closer, or are we staying on the stairs all day?"


Inside the shrine, Raye Hino tried to process what she had seen in her scrying fire. As usual, the images had been vague, but still unsettling. "Bright colors and wings made of fire," she said to herself. "Rainbow colors at war with a firebird? A new enemy, maybe. Either way, it's probably not anything good."

A knock at her bedroom door interrupted her train of thought, and she sighed heavily. "Who is it?"

"Someone's here asking for you," her grandfather's voice answered. "She said it's important. Has a cat with her, very friendly. Looks almost like one of your friends, sounded like she knows you."

He hadn't mentioned a name, and the idea of someone asking for her seemed odd. "I'll meet her in the tearoom," Raye said. "If it's important, I should see her."

"I'll make sure you have snacks, too. Your friends seem to like food!"

Raye said nothing, listening to the sound of her grandfather walking away. Whoever had shown up, he certainly didn't seem worried, so maybe this was nothing, but part of her still felt the need to be on guard. She didn't know what to expect.

With one final look in her mirror, Raye knew she could stall no longer. "Time to see what this is," she said.

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