Jan. 1st, 2016

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(Pay no attention to that long hiatus behind the curtain, or something.)

Your humble mod (and still sole poster, it seems) returns, bearing...well, both good news and bad news.

Bad news first. The crossover I was posting...is still stuck. I see no progress being made on it for a while longer, while I work through other things and then attempt to get inspiration back on that one.

Good news, though! I do have plenty of chapters ready to go on the other one I was going to start posting, so that should still be possible. I also have other ideas to work on that I can share with that, and a nice long prompt list I plan on filling out and sharing here as well.

(Spitefics are a lovely thing. An entire prompt list of spitefics? It's like therapy, in a way. Possibly demented therapy, but therapy all the same.)

Looking over my active list, a lot of things seem to fall into magical girl territory. Hopefully that doesn't scare anyone off.

Soon to come here in FDD: updates again! Don't miss the next series:

Borders of Reality Side Special 1: Rainbow Remix

...yes, it's part of a series I have going. I'll make a post to explain things at a later time. For now, I focus on starting the chapter sharing. :)

~Mod Virgo
[identity profile] virgo186.livejournal.com
Title: Borders of Reality Side Special 1: Rainbow Remix
Author: [livejournal.com profile] virgo186
Beta: Lan is still incredibly useful and awesome~
Rating: Eh, we'll say PG-13 for now.
Genre: General, I guess. Epic spitefic.
Notes/Warnings: I own nobody here, seriously. Uses mostly the Sailor Moon dub, as Rainbow's fics do, with some use of the original (mostly this beginning part here), and a couple of characters from the Touhouverse...again.
Summary: When news arrives of a timeline in danger of being altered, Neo-Queen Serenity sends a temporary senshi and her loyal guardian partner through the gate in hopes of protecting the past...and their future. However, a strange newcomer may just be the bringer of bad news...

Rainbow Remix: Prologue )


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